Ditch This Myth to Improve Your Copy

Ditch This Myth to Improve Your Copy

As a conversion copywriter, I find many people think copywriting is easy. Sure, just write some great-sounding catchy phrases and *boom* you’re done.

Ummm… not if you’re doing it right.

Problem is, you can hop on several different websites to grab a “copywriter” (in quotes because most are not) for a few bucks. This only adds to the myth.

AND they promise to deliver the sales page overnight.

Here’s the truth: That’s not copywriting.

That’s sitting in front of a blinking cursor and pulling words out of the air you think the client will like… words that “sound good.”

They usually include worn-out phrases and cliches heard every day within the industry.

In contrast, targeted copy – copy that converts – takes time. ⏰

✔️It involves research. Lots of it.


✔️Data analysis

✔️Competitor analysis

✔️ and lots more

➡️ And that’s BEFORE I write a single word.

Case in point: I recently spent 4 weeks doing all of the above to establish a value proposition for a client.

It succinctly summed up everything they stand for into a single sentence. (I came up with 3, which they could use for different pages.)

The end result was…

💡 Clear

💡 Simple

💡 Benefit-laden

It also sounded simple when read aloud. You’d never think it took that long to assemble.

The company had spent two years trying to establish this exact messaging without success.

Research is key for any good copy, whether you’re writing for your own website or a client’s.

I used the same principles to create my landing pages.

You also need to set it aside.

For a day or a few days.

At the very least, leave it for a few hours or overnight.

You’ll be amazed at – not just the typos you’ll catch – but at how much better you can make it sound with an additional once over.

In short, good copy can’t be rushed.

Take your time, do your research, and set it aside.

Only then do you hit “publish.”

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