21 Marketing Words & Phrases to Ditch

21 Marketing Words & Phrases to Ditch

Marketing speak destroys conversions.

Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. These overused phrases lose their impact because they’re everywhere. 


When something’s everywhere, it’s nowhere. 

White noise. 


And guess what? AI LOVES these words and phrases. Why? It grabs them straight from the web where they’re used a bazillion times by copywriters and marketers.

I wrote a LinkedIn post on this that recently went viral, which you can check out HERE. Swap out the first ‘meh’ word for the second, more original version…

  1. Revolutionary → Pioneering
  1. Cutting-edge→ Forefront
  1. Game-changing→ Transformative
  1. Best-in-class→ Premier
  1. Next-Generation→ Advanced
  1. Synergy→ Collaboration Power
  1. Unique → Distinctive
  1. Innovative→ Novel
  1. Disruptive→ Trailblazing
  1. Breakthrough→ Milestone
  1. Paradigm shift→ New Perspective
  1. State-of-the-art→ Contemporary
  1. Exclusive→ Limited Availability
  1. Ultimate→ Paramount
  1. Proven→ Verified
  1. Seamless→ Fluid
  1. Dynamic → Vigorous
  1. Epic → Monumental
  1. 24/7→ Around the Clock
  2. Award-winning→ Recognized Excellence

Better yet… find words that describe specifically what you mean by adding word pictures that help the reader visualize your point. 

For example…

When you talk about “around the clock” customer support, describe how that looks. Include the pain or challenge. Agitate it and then provide the solution. The PAS copywriting formula (pain, agitate, solution) is effective for both short and long copy. 

RE: When your site crashes at 9:30 a.m. before your most important new client meeting of the week, and you can’t reach your website developer because it’s 2:00 a.m. in India… 

If something is described as “cutting edge,” talk about why the old way of doing the thing no longer works. Agitate the problem by mentioning how the competition is pulling ahead with the new technology… “but it’s not too late.”

Add emotion.

Insert humor.

Tell stories.

AI can’t do these things.

Where to find the best words? From your customer interviews and research.

There’s no substitute. 

For more details on marketing speak, check out my podcast episode on the subject HERE. And please leave a review if you enjoyed it.



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