3 Email Formulas You Can Use Right Away

3 Email Formulas You Can Use Right Away

Time is not always on your side when writing emails.

Next to an emergency 911 number for a copywriting crisis, having a few proven formulas in the back pocket of your brain can be life saving.

Here are 3, easy-to-follow email formulas for those when you need an email yesterday


The “Perfect For You” Email

Help your reader identify as the right fit for your offer.

Describe your ideal user of your solution and be sure your readers relate to that description. 

Customer success story → testimonial → influencer proof → before and after


The Special Case

People believe they’re an exception to every rule and to your offer.

Data from other users → 

Testimonial from someone like them → 

The Even If clause: tell them how your solution can work for them “even if” – and then add bullet points of their objections



No one likes feeling left out. So write an email that taps into this fear.

Dig into the things they’ll be continuing to struggle with when their friends have overcome it.

The sequence includes:

Success story → Risk reversals (ways to eliminate risk re: guarantee or trial period) → Urgency/time limit → Countdown timer

Even if you’re not up against the clock, these work even better when you have time to think… and research.



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