3-minute Copy Fixes

3-minute Copy Fixes

“You’re gonna need a new system,” said the air conditioning repairman, looking up from a jumble of wires apparently chewed into oblivion by rodents. “I don’t think I can fix it. And if I could, it wouldn’t be permanent.”

It’s not what I wanted to hear in the middle of a sweltering heatwave.

How much?

He shrugged, “$6k to $7,000. And it’ll take me at least a full day.”

This was not an expense we’d planned on.

And it was not something we could ignore.

We called another company for a second opinion.

“It’s no biggie,” he said, after checking out the same problem. “In fact, I don’t think I’ll need any special equipment. I can fix it right now if you’d like.”


Not only did the second expert fix the problem, but the total cost of repairs: $50 — all done within two hours.

Not anywhere near the $6k / full day of work estimate of the first estimate.

Improving your copy is like that.

Sometimes you need a complete overhaul.

But most times, small changes are all you need to make a huge difference.

I’ve compiled a complete list of all my mini, quick-fix, how-to videos from my brand new YouTube channel (I’d love if you’d subscribe!), most of which are 3 minutes.

Here are a few to get you started…

Emotional Power Words to Improve Your Copy

3 Copy Sweeps for Better Conversions

3 Ways to Create a Compelling Opening Hook

See the complete list HERE.

Carry on!


P. S. If you could use more leads and sales schedule your mini copy review. It’s copy you’ll use again and again – not just on your landing pages – but in emails and every marketing campaign.


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