3 Sweeps to Spring Clean Your Copy

3 Sweeps to Spring Clean Your Copy

Ah, springtime! Birds are singing, flowers are bloomin’, and you’re giving those dusty old rugs a rigorous workout with your carpet beater.



At least it’s what you’d be doing if it were 1950 and not 2021. 

Nonetheless, it’s time for swapping out your winter wardrobe for warm-weather versions.

Ditto for your email and website copy. 

Your final copy should get a thorough sweep and dusting off before you publish or send it out.

After you’ve edited your copy and made it clear as glass, use this short checklist to spot any areas that could use a little freshening up.

You don’t need a carpet beater or even a broom for these sweeps…

1. So-What? Sweep

Read each sentence of your copy and ask yourself, “So what?” Imagine you’re the grumpiest of email recipients.

And be sure the answer ties back to something your reader wants or is of interest to them.

For example: If you write about how your hair care product contains a proprietary ingredient no other brand uses… ask yourself: so what?

The so-what sweep may be something like “…this mushroom-based rare ingredient is proven to keep your hair from falling out when used regularly.”  

Repeat this process for every line. 

2. Prove It Sweep

Now go back to the beginning of your copy. 

Use the “Prove it” sweep next. 

Use the same process as you did with the So-What sweep.

Read each sentence and demand to yourself, “prove it!” for any claims you’ve made.

This doesn’t necessarily need to include research data. Testimonials of people backing up what you say are legit proof. 

Repeat throughout your copy.

3. The Emotional Sweep

Research shows we make decisions based on emotions, not logic. Even when we think we’re being logical, emotions drive the decision bus.

So if your reader isn’t emotionally moved in some way, they’ll be less likely to take action.

You don’t have to pull out all the stops, just enough to get them off the fence.

This involves poking the original pain they felt when they signed up with you… along with a reminder of how you can help them.

Instead of saying you can help them lose weight, for example, remind them of how they felt lying on the floor of their bedroom trying to zip up their jeans.

Or something else that stings a bit so they remember why they sought you out.

Once you’re done, go back over your copy and repeat these steps before hitting “publish” or “send.”

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