How to Stand Out Above Everyone Else

How to Stand Out Above Everyone Else

No matter what business you’re in, your landing page copy, emails – and the rest of your marketing – should make it clear why you’re better than your competition.

Otherwise, why would people choose to work with you when they have so many other options? 

When you’re in a highly competitive field, setting yourself apart is everything… or you end up drowning in the sea of mediocrity. 

When this happens your only choice is to compete on price… or what’s often called, “the race to the bottom.” 

Next to a run through Death Valley, it’s not a race most people want to join. Unless you want bottom feeders.

By competing on price you’re telling the world, “I’m no different from everyone else. But I’m cheaper!” 

The focus is only on price – not your special value or offer or expertise. 

How much work you’ll need to do to differentiate yourself comes from your customer/client’s Level of Awareness. 

Here’s a link to a post I wrote on this.

The overarching concept is that the more familiar your audience is with your type of product, the more likely they are to tune you out when they read about it. 

They’ve heard it all. It’s all white noise. Selling a new weight-loss or fitness program may be the toughest.

“Lose 10 lbs for good!”

“Get in shape for life!” 

“Paint on 6-pack abs and impress your friends!” 

They’ll pay attention only when they hear something new… a different approach that sounds like it may work. 

Weight loss products, anti-aging face creams, and even my field, copywriting, are all saturated with businesses offering similar-sounding products.

The ones you hear about – Peloton, for example, set themselves apart by offering a unique approach with their subscription for live workouts.

If you want to rise above the rest you also need to find your special something… a.k.a. your Value Proposition. Your special sauce. And, as much as I’m tired of the term, your superpower. 

Everyone says they’re the best. You need more than that if you want others to believe you.

Here’s an easy way to find your VP… ask yourself:

  1. How does your experience, your ability, or your track record stand out over the rest?

  2. What transformation or result do you promise the others don’t?

  3. How does your process differ from your competition?

Brainstorm each of these to uncover the answers. Better yet, ask your clients for their input.

Then, once you have what feels like a solid differentiating factor, create a tagline that features it. 

Include it in your emails and on your website.

When someone says, “Oh, you do [your specialty here],” you can say, “I’m the one that [how you do it better”].

One I use, for example, is: “I’m a conversion copywriter. I’m the one who uses 45 checkpoints to find your true Voice of Customer.”

What’s YOUR VP?

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