Will Bots Replace Human Copywriters?

Will Bots Replace Human Copywriters?

There’s a lot of talk about bots making human copywriters obsolete.

But here’s the thing: conversion copywriting is based on triggering emotions that inspire action. Bots don’t feel emotion (yet).

My goal when writing copy (after extensive research and customer interviews) is to lead readers to a place that makes them uncomfortable.

You may be thinking, “Oh, that’s so mean!” But we only make changes when we’re uncomfortable and want a solution for the pain.

Sure, there are exceptions, like buying a new TV or iPhone.

But even then, you want an upgrade for some reason. Otherwise you wouldn’t be shopping. Even if it’s FOMO (fear of missing out). Keeping up with your social circle who always has the latest tech can be uncomfortable.

So you spring for the latest version to fit in with your tribe.

Understanding your audience is all about finding the issues they’d like to improve. And then offering them a solution.

You do this by understanding your customers. Talking to them. Asking lots of questions about the things that matter to them.

When you relate to a person on an emotional level, they trust you.

When they trust you, they believe you have the solution to their pain.

In a word: empathy.

You can’t fake it.

You can stuff words into a bot but you can’t get that kind of human understanding that connects.

Do YOU think robots will someday replace human copywriters? Why or why not?

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