6 Critical Copy Elements of an Engaging Web Page

6 Critical Copy Elements of an Engaging Web Page

You have 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) to capture attention on a web page.

That’s how long it takes for users to decide whether they’ll stick around – or bounce – from your site, according to eye-tracking research data.

If they do keep reading, within 3 seconds (2.6 seconds, to be exact) they will land on an area of the website that most captures their attention. This may be the menu, logo, social media icons or an image.

And sure, a large part of their attention depends on website design. But copy also plays a major role in keeping your reader engaged.

Obviously, first impressions are everything.

And the most important, critical piece of copy your reader must see in the hero section (top big banner) is…


– what benefits or transformation will your customer/client get they can’t get from your competition? 

Also known as your marketing message, your VP determines everything you do. It literally defines you and separates you from everyone else. When your message resonates deeply with your reader, your product sells itself. 

They will know you’re the one for them. 

For this reason, uncovering your value proposition takes time to define. How much time? I usually allow approximately 4 weeks to research, refine and define a client’s VP.

It’s that important. 

In addition to the value proposition, your website visitor needs to know:

  1. Who are you? What are your or your company’s qualifications as they relate to your offer?
  2. What product or service do you provide? Be clear on the details.
  3. What’s in it for me? Showcase the benefits and results – the transformation.
  4.  What they can do …  what call to action do you want them to take? click, sign up, etc.
  5.  Why they should do it … what can they expect when they take this action?

Does your web page check all these boxes?

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