6 Ways You Turn Off Your Website Visitors

6 Ways You Turn Off Your Website Visitors

Is your website copy on a slippery slope?

If not, it should be. 😳 

Here’s why… 👇

Slippery = frictionless.

When your website visitor lands on your site, any friction-causing copy increases the chance they’ll stop reading…

… and likely leave your site.

Forget making a sale. 💸

Each line of copy should motivate the reader to read the next sentence… and the next one after that… and…

… you get the idea.

Ideally, the process should be as smooth as a pro skier on a downhill run. ⛷️

Here are a few things that can cause bumps in the path:

➡️ A confusing message

A mismatch between your copy and, say, an ad that brought them to your page is a reason to leave.

➡️ Lack of credibility

Why should this person trust you? Social proof and testimonials added in the right places help smooth doubts.

➡️  Images conflict with the message

This could be a photo depicting a young person, for example, when the target audience is a 50-year old woman. It shows a lack of understanding of the audience you’re trying to help.

➡️ No pricing

Most people want an idea of what you charge. A recent poll I conducted here on LinkedIn showed an overwhelming percentage of people want to see transparency in pricing. NOTE: Custom plans are an exception.

➡️ Not speaking in your customer’s voice (VOC)

Your copy should sound like your customer – not you. Use the phrases and words they use IRL.

➡️ Too much tech talk

Like the tip above, avoid using technical phrases in your copy — unless that’s how your audience speaks (which is rare, btw). Imagine you’re talking to a friend, not giving a speech to experts in your field.

What copy do you see that stops YOU from reading? Leave a comment below… 

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