7 Headline Formulas that Practically Write Themselves

7 Headline Formulas that Practically Write Themselves

Conjuring up a killer headline doesn’t happen by accident. 

The perfect one won’t come to you in a dream or appear on a fortune cookie (although either can’t be completely ruled out). 

It simply takes practice. Then testing, testing and more testing to see what works for your audience… 

… and what doesn’t.

The best, only legit shortcut? Formulas. 

Proven formulas used by the best copywriters give you patterns that work.

Why reinvent the writing wheel?

(See links below for other formulas I’ve blogged about.) 

One note before you start: Plan to brainstorm at least 50 headlines before deciding on the one you think will work best.

Don’t second guess yourself, just start writing even if it feels like a crazy person has taken over your body.

Use these to jump start your next copy or email:

1.The Only [product category] That Doesn’t [thing people don’t want]

Example: The Only Fitness App that Doesn’t Require a PhD in Computer Science to Use

2.  Now You Can [do something you want] [great outcome]

Example: Now You Can Write Emails and Sell Like Gangbusters

3. Now You Can [do something desirable] Without [objection]

Example: Now You Can Work At Home Without Distractions

4. We Promise You This: [desirable result] Or [consequence]

Example: We promise you’ll double your monthly income or we’ll refund your entire investment

5. [eliminate pain in a counterintuitive way]

      Example: Get in Shape Without Leaving the Couch

6. [do something] Like [world-class example]

Example: Moisturize Your Face Like Lady Gaga Does

7. Are You Still Wasting Money on _______ (without anything to show for it?)

Example: Are You Still Wasting Money on Fitness Equipment (without anything to show for it)?

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Now try out a few of these on your next headline. Let me know how you do!

You got this write!

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