A Bundle of Email Ideas For Any Occasion

A Bundle of Email Ideas For Any Occasion

Whether you’re launching a new product or offer or sending valuable content to your subscribers, you may reach a point when you’re out of steam.

You’ve said all you can say. 

You sit, waiting for your muse to show up, listening to the clock ticking on the wall… cars drive by… somewhere a dog barks. Crickets chirp.

It’s sorta like hitting a “runner’s wall,” but instead of staring at an expanse of asphalt ahead of you, you’re looking at a blinking cursor. 

After checking Facebook, reading political arguments on Twitter and listening to wannabe thought leaders on Clubhouse talk for hours… it’s time to face the music.

That email isn’t going to write itself.

So here is a literal bouquet, a bunch, a bundle (thank you, thesaurus.com) of email ideas you can easily write to fit your audience and your message… 


When you have an event or special upcoming offer

This email gets your reader geared up for an upcoming fun event or electrifying content. Write to tell them why they should be waiting at their inbox for this announcement (a specific time to expect this awesome news helps). 

Good things to include: 

Early reviews of your offer

Behind the scenes of how it came about

A countdown timer


Why your offer / product will work for them

When people hear of something that got results for another person, they typically think it’s not going to happen for them. “It worked for you, but I’m a special case,” they might say.

So write this email to help your subscriber overcome this idea. Show them how others who’ve been successful are just like them. And yes, they can have the same success.

Good things to include:

Data from a study that supports your stance

Testimonials from someone like them who thought they were unique

It’s for you “even if…” and include their objection with a solution – for example, “You can get fit even if you’ve never exercised a day in your life.”


Create nagging FOMO

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, can be a serious driver to get people to make a decision. Write an email that taps into their fear of missing out. What is she sooo close to getting that she’ll miss out on if she doesn’t act today? What will she continue to face while others enjoy the benefits she could’ve had if she took action?

Good to include:

A success story of results achieved in days

Urgency / time limit

Countdown timer


The FAQs email

Here’s where you target the most common objections you hear from your subscribers. This email can be sent as a standalone info email or as a sales email to tackle potential customer arguments. 

Good to include:

Your guarantee – make it easy for returns / refunds or other ways to ensure you’ll take care of them if they’re unhappy and how

Countdown timer


The Join Us! email

As much as I dislike the word “tribe” (it’s overused, IMO), humans like feeling they’re an important part of things. Figure out the group your subscriber most relates to. Write an email showing them how they, too, can be part of that group by taking action.

Good to include:

Testimonial from a group member

Brands that use your solution

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