My name is Linda.

From Pastry Chef to…

Health and Wellness Copywriter

I’m a former pastry chef turned personal trainer turned award-winning content writer and copywriter. 

I now combine all those skills (minus the chocolate mousse) to help you turn browsers into buyers… and empty pages into conversion factories.

That’s the TL;DR version. 

Here are a few more details:

When you hire me you get lead gen copy from someone’s who’s been on both sides of the business.

My byline has appeared in hundreds of print and online magazines. I’ve also been on the front lines of 1:1 personal training. For nearly 20 years I worked with people in fitness studios and in their homes. I hold four national certifications. 


When it comes to writing and talking about B2B health and fitness, it’s not easy to find the right messaging. You’ve got to create the perfect balance of words that speak to what you do, what your clients need… and make it sound irresistible. 


Most fitness copywriters will rely on cliché gym metaphors.


Even more B2B writers will make your brand sound drier than the bar at a Mormon wedding. And very few people will understand how to blend both sides of this wonky little predicament you’re in.


How do you find a message that demonstrates the expertise of both tech and fitness?


If this sounds like you, I can help.

As a certified conversion copywriter, my focus is on increasing your revenue. Period.

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