Are You Making this Major Website Copy Mistake?

Are You Making this Major Website Copy Mistake?

In my last post we talked about all the reasons why your customer/client is your hero.

But there’s another type of hero in copywriting you need to know.

One that’s much more important to your online presence: that giant banner at the top of your website.

It’s the first thing people see when they land on your site.

Are you using it to your best advantage? Sadly, a lot of people squander it.

How? With hero sections that are either:

  • a huge waste of space
  • confusing as all heck
  • combination of both

For example, using that valuable piece of real estate to say “Welcome!” is wasted space. Ditto for “Thanks for visiting my site!”

These do nothing to move your reader’s eyes down your page.

Or maybe there’s a disconnect between the image and the message.

For example, an image of a building on a homepage when you’re in a people-oriented business. The building may be fine if you’re in a construction or real estate business.

Otherwise, it’s confusing.

Trying to say too much to be sure to “get it all in” instead of focusing on ONE clear message will also make people bounce.

Targeting “everyone” as your ideal customer assures you get no one.

Here’s the thing:

You have exactly 50 milliseconds to capture your reader’s attention, according to research.

It’s the first impression people have of you and your business.

Just as you wouldn’t show up to an important Zoom call wearing a clown nose and a T-shirt with a barbecue stain (although I could be wrong…), you want to present your best self to new visitors to your website.

And they should know right off the bat what you do.

Ask yourself this question – better yet, ask someone who doesn’t know you – to tell you their impression of your site.

Specifically, ask:

By looking only at the top of my website, what do you think I do?

Then listen.

If they are totally off base or have no idea, then it’s time to rethink your approach.

Here are a few tips:

Make ONE promise

Does your offer… save time? Help them make more money? Increase brainpower? Enable them to spend more quality family time. Choose one promise.

Use their words

What does your ideal customer say to themselves? How do they talk about their problem to their friends? Use their phrases and words in your copy so they see themselves.

Keep it simple

Even high-tech companies like Apple take a minimalistic approach to their website copy.

Lastly, if you’re not a DIY type of person… grab my brand new Mini Copy Makeover to help tighten up and clarify your message, hone in on your one best promise… and more! All for a limited time of only $97. 

Go forth and convert!

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