How to Create Crystal Clear Copy

How to Create Crystal Clear Copy

Clarity is the most important role of copy.

If your reader doesn’t understand your offer because the message isn’t clear, they’ll bail. 

So before you hit ‘publish,’ run your finished copy through this clarity sweep.

1. Each sentence should have a single, clear point.

Trying to cram several points into one sentence dilutes your main point. 

It also leads to confusion. A confused reader doesn’t buy. Stick to one idea per sentence.

No more.

In addition, your copy should answer the following:

2. Who is the page for?

Are you talking to an audience over 50 with concerns about type 2 diabetes? 

A teenager worried about skincare? 

New pet owners who live in small apartments? 

Each audience and persona has its own clear wants and needs.

Tap into those by being specific in your copy.

3. What message should they take away?

What is most important for them to know about how your offer or service eases their pain?

4. What action do you want them to take?

Do you want them to sign up for a free consult?

Click a button for a free PDF?

… or something else?


Lastly, ask yourself:

5. Add… or subtract words

🤔 Will MORE words clarify?

For example, a highly technical subject may require more explaining to be understood.

🤔 Will FEWER words clarify?

Eliminating fluffy words, excess verbiage and unnecessary cliches will tighten up your copy.

Overall, does the copy and every sentence make sense to your reader? Is it crystal clear?

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