How to Create Emotional Impact with Your Copy

How to Create Emotional Impact with Your Copy

“Your father stopped breathing,” said the nurse on the other end of the line. “We’re doing everything we can.”

A chill ran up my spine and my hands started shaking. My dad had been sick and in the hospital for two weeks. 

It was the height of COVID. 

I was far away and couldn’t visit him. Neither could my mom. He’d been deteriorating over that time.

But this I didn’t expect. 

He died that afternoon last August. 

Reliving this experience brought tears to my eyes. If you’ve been through something similar, maybe it did to you, too.

I shared this story with someone at the gym recently. 

He later told me my story motivated him to visit his parents last week – something he had not planned to do. They are my dad’s age.

My point in telling this?

Emotions move people to take action – as my friend did.

Like you, he’s probably heard a million statistics about cancer (my dad died from multiple myeloma and heart disease), as most of us have.

But people don’t connect with statistics on an emotional level. 

We tend to think it won’t happen to us. 

Until it does. 😟

It’s why effective copy taps into a person’s emotions. We make decisions based on feelings, not logic. ❤️

Research proves it. When the emotional part of the brain is damaged we can’t make decisions.

This doesn’t mean all your copy has to be a tear-jerking, soldier-comes-home-unexpectedly moment.  

It also doesn’t have to be dramatic or terribly upsetting (I’m looking at you, ASPCA). 

But it does have to ignite something that makes people FEEL… 

Maybe it makes them unhappy with their current product’s performance… Or you point out an inconvenience with their software they never realized.

Those emotions could also be positive, such as a desire to experience the “dream” 💭 your offer promises. “Imagine… never having to worry about X again.”

What emotion does your copy create in your readers?

And how could you drive the point home even more?

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