How to Get Specific… and Capture More Buyers

How to Get Specific… and Capture More Buyers

Want better converting copy? 

Get specific.

Here’s what I mean…

General (*boring*) copy you’ll find everywhere…

“We help overworked executives find a better work-life balance.” 

Spice things up by asking yourself these questions:

  • What type of executives?
  • What does being “overworked” look like?
  • Define “work-life” balance.

A revised sentence may be:

As chief marketing officer, you believe 60-hour work weeks are part of the deal. At least if you want to have any level of success.

It’s not.

Stop missing your kids’ softball games, eating cold leftovers at 9:00 at night and being too exhausted to enjoy your weekends…


See the difference? In this example, your target audience (CMOs) will know your messaging is for them.

They may even find themselves nodding their heads as they read it.

How can YOU add specificity to your copy?

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P.S. Those examples should come from conversations with your audience and prospects. 



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