How to Write Relatable Copy

How to Write Relatable Copy

What’s the quickest way to lose your audience?

Write copy they can’t relate to. 

Whether it’s an email or webpage, if your target audience doesn’t see themselves on the page (“Yeah, that’s not me…)”) they’ll bounce.

So how can help them

Here are 3 ways:

1.Use specific examples

The keyword here: specific. Vague descriptions don’t cut it.

Address them in a way that lets them know you see them.

Instead of: “If you’re tired of struggling and not seeing results…”

Say: “You hit the gym 3x a week. Track your food. Cut out fast food. Yet, you still can’t lose those last 10 pounds. Sound familiar?”

2. Include testimonials from people like them

The testimonials you use must be from people with similar backgrounds to the people you want to attract. 

You can’t have a world class athlete talking about how you helped them get fit when your main audience spends most nights in front of the TV with a bag of chips. 

You want the bag-of-chips guy to talk about how he stopped munching and now runs marathons and lifts weight five days a week.

3. Describe their real-life outcomes

Lastly, have them imagine their life once they’ve used your product or service. 

What will change? 

How will their life be different?

Dig into their feelings and describe in detail the transformation they’ll experience once they work with you.

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