How to Take Action When You Have 8,000 (legit) Reasons to Stay in Bed

How to Take Action When You Have 8,000 (legit) Reasons to Stay in Bed

As the most motivated person I know, it’s disturbing to find myself wanting to pull the covers over my head every morning when I realize, nope, it wasn’t just a bad dream.

The good news is all my years of battling a panic disorder prepared me for this moment.

My fear is certifiably legit.

“See, doc? It’s NOT safe to leave the house!”

Case closed.

The defense rests, your honor. I’d like to request a recess until 2022.

Yet, if you’re healthy enough to move, taking time to exercise or otherwise get up and at ’em is one of the best things you can do for your mind as well as your body.

You know this, I know.

But you now have 8,000 inarguable reasons for not wanting to get out of bed and no one will fault you for it.

But here’s the thing: Reasons for staying active have shifted.

Exercising so you can fit into your pre-COVID pants or look great at the beach (let’s have a moment of silence for those days) lag far behind surviving a trip to the grocery store.

It’s about strengthening your immune system and giving yourself a fighting chance if the worst happens.

In other words: It’s literally life or death.

So with that in mind, how DO you stay motivated when the world is caving in around you like a scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

Here are a few ways I keep myself going when the last thing I want to do is, well, anything….


Tell yourself you only have to exercise for five minutes. That’s it. This can be a few minutes of walking in place or around the house, with a couple of push-ups and squats. Chances are you’ll keep going for longer. But if not, that’s fine, too. YAA! You did it.

FIND A SCENIC ROUTE inside your house

At the risk of sounding (more) like a crazy person, here’s something I found that works for me. I exercise in a room that faces my street. I keep the blinds open so I can see people walking outside. I feel as if we’re “in this together” and it makes me feel less lonely. Sad, but true.

If you’re stuck in a windowless room, bring in a laptop or other screen with a motivating visual, be it other people, a workout class, or whatever works for you.


Change into workout clothes– or, if you’re trying to get motivated to work – swap your PJs for a pair of comfortable pants. Yes, pants. Trying to get motivated when you’re still in your underwear doesn’t get your head in the game. You need your big pants on to get your big game on.


I’ve said this a million times in the past, but it still stands as one of the best ways to git ‘er done. Before you open your emails or hop on Facebook, exercise first. Check it off the list and move on.


Focus on the reasons you’re exercising whenever you feel like skipping it. Make a list of those reasons (e.g. living long enough to be able to bore your grandkids with stories about surviving the 2020 pandemic) and post the list where you’ll see it often.

And remember, we WILL make it through this.

P. S. Before you go, if you are reading this as a way of procrastinating what you really need to do, like start writing a series of emails that get people to opt-in to your webinar… or create an opt-in that converts, I can help. As a conversion copywriter, I use analytics and research to create copy that resonates with your prospects. Contact me at for more info.


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