How to Use Curiosity to Boost Open Rates

How to Use Curiosity to Boost Open Rates

I overheard someone talking about me. And it wasn’t pretty.

If that statement inspired you to read this post to see the story behind that statement, you’d be part of the over 50% open rate I got on that email (it was a few years back for a fitness site).

It wasn’t clickbait. I’ll reveal the story in a second.

This is a prime example of a curiosity compelling headline or subject line.

🤭 What did someone say?
🤔 Was it true?
🤨 How did Linda handle it?

I gotta know!

So you read on.

Personal stories resonate with us. Especially when the story shows vulnerability.

Being vulnerable connects you to your readers.

When you read someone else’s story, it becomes your story, too. As does their resolution.

You get to learn the same lesson without the pain. 🌷


Here’s the story behind that email subject line:

I overheard women (and it’s happened more than once, both virtually and online) saying “she must’ve had” plastic surgery or lipo or whatever to be in the shape I’m in at my age (I’m older than I look).

When in reality, it’s 40+ years of consistent exercise, a healthy diet and a good attitude – no surgery. 💪 🏋️‍♀️

But people who want to feel better about their own laziness like to brush all that aside.

Nonetheless, it can be upsetting to hear this type of thing. I just shrug and move on… trolls! 👺

➡️ Do you use personal stories to connect with your audience? Let me know in the comments below!

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