How to Use Tone and Voice in Your Copy

How to Use Tone and Voice in Your Copy

What words would you use to describe your personality?

Witty? 😆

Smart? 🤓

Casual? 🤠

Formal? 🧐


Same goes for your brand voice.

 ​➡️ Without a distinct voice you’re a monotone echo in the marketing wilderness.

Your brand voice and tone helps you communicate your brand’s personality with your audience.

It’s a way to set yourself apart.

But voice and tone are not the same…

Here’s the difference:

Voice doesn’t change. 🎤  

Tone varies depending on where it’s used. 

If you’ve ever said, “It’s not WHAT you said, it’s how you said it…” to someone, that’s tone.

Like your own voice… it doesn’t change (laryngitis aside), but your tone does.

An angry tone doesn’t change your voice, for example. 

Your copy needs to do the same for your brand. It should reflect a distinct, clear, voice.

Tone may vary depending on the topic of an email, for instance, but the voice remains the same.

What words describe your brand voice? Does your copy reflect those traits?

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