How to Write For 4 Types of Website Visitors

How to Write For 4 Types of Website Visitors

Chances are you’ll skim this post.

No matter how witty, charming, full of great content or otherwise engaging the copy, you won’t read every word.

Or maybe you do. 🤔

People consume information differently. They make decisions to buy differently.

Same goes for people who land on your website.

Some skim. Others move quickly and then go back and read the important parts.

Still others dissect every word, looking for hidden meanings, more detail or a secret code with intel from the Mayans on the real end-of-the-world date (“This time we’re not joking!”)

It’s why you need to write copy for what @JoannaWiebe of Copy Hackers calls the 4 types of decision makers:


Let’s break ‘em down:


This decision maker knows what they want. They will likely read only the top hero section of the page.

In the unlikely event they’ll move down the page, they’ll do so quickly using.

They’ll use your global navigation a lot and will only stop at a button or for an intriguing image.


This reader responds to people. They move more slowly. They read influencer testimonials, reviews, and images that show people and human emotion.

They’re more likely to hop on your About Us page or Contact page.


Methodical decision makers are more logical and less emotional. They want to see facts, figures, charts and data.

Where other types are attracted to the benefits of your product or service, they want to know most about features… the “what.”

They’ll likely make it to this part at the bottom of your page.


Competitive decision makers are logical and fast paced. They move quickly but not with emotion. They’re not randomly clicking.

Like the methodical person, they also want to see features but more quickly and upfront.

This requires loading up your crossheads (headlines introducing an important paragraph)with features to capture them as they scan.

Every one of the above types of decision makers will land on your website at one time or another.

🔆 Does your copy accommodate them? 

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