How to Write Stories that Spark Intrigue, Joy… and Sales

How to Write Stories that Spark Intrigue, Joy… and Sales

After writing hundreds of blogs over the years, two of my posts got more attention than any others.

One, for a fitness site, was about my struggle with anorexia nervosa in my teens (before it was even a ‘thing’).

And the second was about my lifelong battle with a panic disorder.

These topics hit an empathic nerve with some people.

By sharing these stories I allowed myself to be vulnerable by exposing personal experiences to the world. 

As a result, it created a connectedness.

It’s the opposite of everything you see and hear on most social sites.

Real life isn’t a never-ending Instagram story.

If only.

People wrote to thank me for being open. Some offered advice (I’m fine in both instances, thank you).

Others just wanted me to know they also went through something similar.

Because here’s the thing…

People love personal stories.

These days, we want to deal with and do business with other people, not some faceless corporate entity.

We like doing business with people who are like us in some way.

If we feel they are like us, we know they “get” us.

They understand us and know what we need.

Ultimately, we trust them.

So back to writing your own stories.

Here’s why stories captivate…

Think about opening an email with something along the lines of…

“It started out like any other day. I had no idea my life would never be the same…”


“The modeling school promised I’d be walking runways in no time. Little did I know the price I’d pay would nearly cost me my life…”

Who could resist reading more, right?

I didn’t choose those topics randomly. In each of those blogs I segued the story to a point I wanted to make.

You can do the same with your product or offer.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Begin with the end in mind

What action do you want people to take? What story can you weave that leads you to that point? Dig deep. Even small instances can become fun or interesting stories.

2. Avoid making it too heavy

Even the scariest movies has elements of lightness and humor (remember the famous line uttered by Jack Nicholson, HEEEER’S JOHNNY!  in The Shining) It gives people a break from the intensity. So keep that in mind if you’re using a story that hits readers in the heart. Weave in a bit of humor where appropriate.

3. Tell it in your own words

Imagine you’re speaking to a friend, sitting at a bar (pretend COVID-19 isn’t a thing anymore…) and share the story. Read it out loud. Get their reaction.

Try it and let me know how you do!

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Get writing!


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