P.S. Read this first

P.S. Read this first

After you open an email, where do you go first?

If you’re like most people (according to research), you jump to the P.S. at the bottom.

Sounds counterintuitive, right? 

It’s like reading the last page of a book to see how it ends. Or eating dessert first.

The exact stats vary, but allegedly 90% of people read the P.S. before the message.

Reasons why this works include:

  1. It stands out in an email, especially if it’s highlighted or in a different font or color.
  2. It gives people an idea if the rest of the email is worth reading.
  3. It uses the Zeigarnik Effect: we don’t like incomplete tasks. 

So once an email opens, we can cut to the chase by reading the P.S. first. This diffuses the tension.

So use this additional thought to its fullest advantage by: 

√ Talk about what they lose if they don’t take action / buy your product or service.

√ Remind them of the solution and how much better their life will be.

√ Mention a deadline or other urgency factor to motivate them.

√ Share bonuses.

√ Provide links to freebies or additional info.


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