My Services

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Regardless of your service or product, you need magnetic messaging. Your copy must capture attention and compel your ideal customer to take action. Now.

Aside from my custom copywriting projects (contact me directly for those), I offer a few of my most popular services as well… see if one is right for you.

Messaging Strategy Roadmap

Magnetic Messaging

This is for you if…

Your messaging isn’t hitting the mark – or you’re not sure what your main message even is.
Maybe your copy’s trying to say too much. Or not enough.
Could be your words aren’t emotionally jarring. If buyers don’t feel anything, they won’t trust you. If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. Period.
Magnetic Messaging VPA is my signature product for new clients because without a clear value proposition, you may as well yell into an echo chamber.

Website Copy Makeover

Conversion boosting makeover

This is for you if…

You believe your copy has “good bones” and simply needs a nip-tuck to convert better.
Maybe a bit of fire under your headlines… or more exciting calls to action.
You have a solid value proposition. You’re clear on your ideal customer.
If this sounds like you… a copy makeover may be the solution to get conversions up and running.

Epic Emails

Custom email sequences that convert

This is for you if…

You have a list of engaged subscribers.
You offer a product or service your audience values… but your open rate is on life support because your copy isn’t hitting its target.
Maybe it lacks personality. Or… you’re not sure what else.
A new email sequence can liven up the place.