Messaging Strategy Roadmap

Clearly define why you’re the only solution.

You know why you’re the best. It’s time everyone else knows it. My Magnetic Messaging process hones in on what makes you better than all the rest. Separate yourself from the herd with my deep-dive, 50-point audit into all things you.

The result? The foundation for all click worthy, attention capturing and revenue driving… copy.

Messaging Strategy Roadmap

Your roadmap begins with my extensive, 50-point checklist into your ideal customers’ habits, lifestyle, and thoughts about your product or service… and your competitors. The results will be an eye-opening look into what separates you from the rest.

In the end, you’ll have a solid value proposition (and a couple smaller recommendations) based on this research. So you can confidently address your ideal customer as to why you’re the best and only option. Plus, I work with you to put this messaging plan into action.

We’ll kick it off with an interview with you / your marketing team, and interviews with present and past customers. Once we’ve completed our research, we’ll reveal:

Identify the voice of your brand - the feelings you want readers to feel from your copy and brand

Finally… A quick assessment of your current copy + recommendations – including a couple of examples.
The results of this audit – upon your approval – will be used as a guide for all copy moving forward.

Price: $3,000

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