The Key to Writing Copy that Sells… Effortlessly

The Key to Writing Copy that Sells… Effortlessly

If your website or sale page copy feels “salesy” you’re not doing it right.

This past week I converted two friends to my favorite skincare line. (I’m really into skincare and try a lot of different products and brands.)

They both literally got online and made a purchase during our conversation. 😳

It’s an expensive line. So it wasn’t a decision based on price.

I am not on commission or benefitted in any other way.

I simply whole-heartedly believe in the products and use them myself.

Because they work. 🏆

There was no sales pitch.

This made me think…
… when people hesitate to send out a sales email or otherwise market themselves because “I hate sounding salesy,” something’s off. 

If you stand behind your offer… know it’s of value and how it can benefit someone else… you’re depriving them by not telling them about your product or service.

And your copy should reflect that.

Here are 3 simple keys for copy that converts effortlessly…

  1. Thorough research into your customer’s habits, wants, needs and wishes
  2. Uncover what they DISLIKE about your competitor’s products
  3. Figure out how you can bridge the gap

It’s a simple concept but takes work. Do it right and you have a slam dunk offer.

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