The Most Important Email You’ll Ever Send (and how to nail it)

The Most Important Email You’ll Ever Send (and how to nail it)

I confess up front I’m being a little overly dramatic here. 

But not by much.

First, clearly “the most important email” you can send refers to business, not personal.

An email announcing the adoption of your new baby, your acceptance into the next Mars mission – or your vow to enter a monastery to evade all social media for the rest of your life (save me a seat) – would all be far more important in the scheme of things.

But when it comes to business emails, this one rockets past them all.

Can you guess it? 

Yup, your Welcome Email.

This is the first email your subscribers receive when they opt-in to your freebie or otherwise sign up to hear from you.

In short, it confirms your subscriber is a freakin’ genius for realizing the value of what you have to offer. 

A welcome mail also confirms a new registration.

And… ready for some sexy stats? 

Over HALF (52%) of people receiving a welcome email opens it.

Compare this to the average newsletter rate of 18% and you’ll see why this nearly 3x the norm open rate is a big hairy deal.

Why is this? 

Think about your mindset when you sign up for something new.

This could be that ONE THING that answers all your questions, fixes all your problems and enables you to get your life back on track so you can achieve your goal of world domination!

Or maybe that’s just me.

Either way, you took action by opting in. And chances are that mental “window of action taking” is still open for a few minutes.

So when you see the first email drop into your inbox you do what any sane person would do: You open it.

By the way, this is why Amazon’s “Frequently bought together” items easily make their way into your shopping cart. 

“Sure, I’ll buy ALL the things!” 

In addition, a welcome email creates more touch points with your subscribers and gives you a chance to showcase your product or service.

Here are 3 ways to nail the Welcome email…

1. Present clear step-by-steps

The easier you make it for people to access their downloadable or sign in to their membership, the more they’ll appreciate it.

And the more likely they’ll follow through.

If your offer doesn’t include steps, provide a list of features they’ll want to check out.

Be sure to include the links to get them there pronto.

Here’s a good example once you sign up for Airbnb:

2. Give ‘em a behind the scenes look

Tell your story (more on that HERE). People love hearing about how businesses came about. 

What inspired you to start yours? A family history? Casual remark with a friend that spiraled into an idea that led to your current enterprise? 

And don’t be afraid to discuss failures and flops. Tell why and how you didn’t let those things stop you. 

All these things increase connectedness and relatability. 

HERE ARE a few top-notch stories of how companies like Spanx and Flipboard started.

Your story doesn’t have to be as Hollywood sounding as long as it’s interesting or fun.

3. Introduce an exclusive offer

As a “reward” for signing up with you, offer a special deal for new subscribers.

Here’s a cute example:

With these simple examples, what will YOU do to welcome your new subscribers? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Write away!

P.S. Please share and forward this post to anyone you think may benefit. Thanks!


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