The Only Copywriting Formula You Need

The Only Copywriting Formula You Need

How do you write a marketing email when your mind is a barren wasteland of tumbleweeds and dusty roads… and a deadline looms?

Sure, you can wade through all those copywriting formulas… AIDA, PPPP, 4C’s, IDCA, etc.

But truth be told, you need only THIS one…

PAS: problem – agitation – solution

It’s not only easy to remember but it… 

 √ Works in both emails and on landing pages

 √ Can be used for nearly any product or offer

 √ Perfect for short social media posts as well as long copy

Here’s how it works:

Problem: Start with the pain point your reader / audience wants to solve

Agitation: Pour a little lemon into that paper cut. Sounds mean, but it’s the only way people move.

Solution: It may or may not be your product. 

I used this at the start of this post:

1.Problem: Your mind is a barren wasteland. You have no ideas. A deadline looms.

2. Agitation: You could wade through all the formulas you’ve heard about… the “alphabet soup” of acronyms. [I kept it simple but could’ve gone deeper into the frustration… Trying one formula, forgetting what the letters stand for, trying to figure out which one is best for your offer, etc.]

3. Solution: Keep reading this post.

Do you use copywriting formulas to structure emails? Let me know in the comments below…

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